Rent to Own a Mobile Home

Rent to Own a Mobile Home

Rent to own a mobile home

ProGood homes can help you get into your new home with our rent to own a mobile home program. We do everything possible to make mobile home living affordable. Plus, you can trust Progood Home’s quality work. We inspect, update and paint our homes so you can enjoy a newly remodeled, quality home. We’ll work with you to help you purchase your mobile home with our rent to own program, so you can begin living in comfort right away. 

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Don’t rent! Instead, rent to own a mobile home!

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to own a quality home. When renting to own a mobile home, most of your payment goes toward the purchase of your home. Rather than throw your money away renting, you can own your home outright in a short time.

In most cases we can get you in your home with a down payment and monthly payments. Qualified buyers who wish to rent to own must supply proof of income and complete our rent to own application.

We also offer mobile home rentals, and constantly have an inventory of newer and remodeled mobile homes for sale.

Renting to own allows you to live in a newly remodeled, comfortable place as you pay to own it. Since our homes are remolded and not brand new, we offer the very best in affordability with like-new looking homes. Take the first step to being a home owner and call us today.

Contact us today to discuss our inventory, rent to own payment plans and terms.